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Mindfulness Coaching addresses issues related to stress and outmoded ways of being.  Practices of focus and inner stillness cultivate detachment from mental vacillations that create suffering.    

Are you troubled by anxiety and worry and struggle to ever truly relax?
Are you stuck in recurring emotional states you don't know how to move beyond?
 Do you find yourself caught in the momentum of incessant thinking and activity?
Do you feel overwhelmed by daily events or circumstances beyond your control?

Many of us get stuck because we believe what we are telling ourselves is true. 
If confounding thoughts remain unexamined, our self-concept becomes distorted.
  This work champions your return to the essence of your truest self.

People who benefit most from this work are those devoted to self-inquiry as a
means to actualize change and willing to take consistent and
committed action to effect the change they desire.

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Opening to creative intelligence is a decision to go beyond mundane, habitual thinking into a realm of non-linear, non-rational, essential being and presence.  We agree to let go of needing things to make logical sense, of dogged perfectionism, and receive instead a free intelligence, born of focused mind and honed imagination.  In turn we connect to a greater source of inspiration and non-personal consciousness.  Becoming mindful means becoming aware, a simple yet challenging process that opens space for our creativity and intelligence to express itself.  Awareness is a skill cultivated through stillness and focus. 

The True Self Coaching process accesses the timeless wisdom of mindfulness philosophies and practices for self-actualization, expanded consciousness, inner stillness, and contentment.  I value feelings and inklings which might have no rational or tangible explanation.  These can point to a valuable distinction between the call of the soul and the more familiar, overriding voice of the ego or personality self.  Awakening is fundamentally about trusting ourselves and our vision and getting out of our own way.  In my work as your coach, I help guide your process with a balance of intellect, instinct and enthusiasm for your odyssey.  

There is no one who can live life from your perspective or your innate wisdom, or who can contribute what you are here to contribute.  I acknowledge your uniqueness and the role it plays in leading you to your greatest joy and deepest personal satisfaction. I can follow you into the hall of your spirit, where you will dissolve hindrances in your way.  With empathy and intuition I will support you as you discover how to move forward in a way that makes your soul sing.



Halli Bourne

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) 
Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher (ERYT-500)
B.A, Theatre Arts

Office Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday
9am-5pm MST

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