• Do you feel overwhelmed by daily events or circumstances beyond your control?
• Do you find yourself thinking incessantly and struggle to ever truly relax?
• Are you stuck in recurring emotions you don’t know how to move beyond?


Mindfulness Coaching can help you revolutionize your relationship to all these dynamics. I provide individualized training for those new to mindfulness and ongoing support for those already applying mindfulness in their lives. Through learning and practicing the techniques of mindfulness, we grow more comfortable in our own skin and develop healthier ways of contending with disturbances like stress, fear and worry that keep us from living the life we crave. True Self Coaching is designed to uplift your consciousness, upgrade your reigning paradigms and help you direct your life experience in a more intentional and satisfying way.

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What I Do As A Coach

  • Support you in establishing and maintaining a daily meditation practice
  • Help you identify and dissolve obstacles in the way of your moving forward
  • Provide you with tools and exercises to access your innate wisdom
  • Pose questions and reflections to facilitate self-inquiry and develop discernment
  • Guide you in perceiving avoidance mechanisms and egoic devices
  • Mentor transformation, resilience and presence for all your life presents

True Self Coaching was conceived as a response to the maddening pace of daily life in industrialized society and the disturbance cultural materialism creates in individuals. In the early years of this enterprise I addressed wellness primarily through bodywork and yoga; in time I became aware of subtler layers of my clients’ and students’ personal experiences that could be better met through guided self-inquiry and mentoring. True Self has evolved into a consciousness-raising endeavor, intended to foster awareness, self-knowledge and individual liberation in order to uplift society as a whole.

As a young person, sensitive by nature, I felt buffeted by society’s demands to produce and to put forth stoicism regardless of personal cost. In my early twenties I had a near-fatal car accident that led me through an odyssey of healing and recovery.

The physical rehabilitation grounded me in my body and put me in touch with the need to change my relationship to my thoughts. The challenges of this life – which are by no means unique to me – caused me to initiate a daily meditation practice and have fueled a passion for the tools of introspection and their power to revolutionize personal experience. The understanding I have developed regarding the distinction between pain and suffering is central to the support I can now offer others.

Halli Bourne- Life Coach In Albuquerque and Santa Fe New Mexico

Halli Bourne

With over twenty years of experience, Halli shares her knowledge in private and group phone sessions, online, and in classes and workshops nationwide. She teaches clients how to develop mindfulness and presence through self-inquiry and meditation.

Halli Bourne is a Certified Professional Life Coach, an Advanced-Level Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher and a Licensed Massage Therapist.

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Coaching Packages

Transformation takes time, commitment, tenacity, and devotion. Are you ready to invest what it takes to resolve and transcend what’s holding you back?

Through the packages described below, I facilitate a process of self-inquiry in which you question your assumptions and expose where you have limited yourself. The more you understand what motivates your action or inaction, and the more you shift habitual strategies into intentional ones, the more possible it becomes to experience fulfillment. People who benefit most from this work are those willing to take consistent and committed action to effect the change they desire.

Introduction to Mindfulness – 3 Months

This package serves as a basic introduction to the tenets of mindfulness and is applied to your specific desires and goals. Each session includes interactive training, facilitated practices and time for questions and processing. Each week you build skill in becoming present and mindful through consistent practice between sessions, building up to a daily meditation practice. You will learn how to change your relationship to self-imposed obstacles and how to become more fluid and calm around external circumstances you cannot change.

• 12 hour-long coaching sessions via telephone or Skype
• three instructional audios you can work with at home (Body Sensing, Breath Awareness and Meditation)
• weekly assignments to support burgeoning awareness and realization
• weekly reflection and accountability forms to track progress

Applying Mindfulness – 6 Months

While offering the same benefits as the introductory package, the six-month time frame of this package provides more interaction with me and access to me between coaching sessions. The early days of integrating meditation into one’s life are an especially potent time, in which in-depth support can help make mindfulness an enduring way of life. After the establishment of your daily meditation practice, I will be with you for three additional months, providing context for what arises and resources for the ongoing transformation of your consciousness.

• 24 hour-long coaching sessions via telephone or Skype
• email support between sessions
• three instructional audios you can work with at home (Body Sensing, Breath Awareness and Meditation)
• a customized 30-minute audio that addresses a mode of being you wish to transform (your choice of self-hypnosis, visualization or relaxation)
• readings on breath, meditation, witness consciousness, and daily mindfulness
• facilitated reflection on readings and practices
• weekly assignments to support burgeoning awareness and realization
• weekly accountability forms to track progress.

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Halli Bourne

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher
B.A. Theatre Arts
Office Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 9am-5pm MST